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4.1 ( 7861 ratings )
Utilitários Navegação
Developer: I-Beam
0.99 USD

Huckleberry melds the digital compass with the iPhone camera to create a powerful and easy-to-use navigation tool.

Huckleberry overlays a three dimensional (3-D) compass on the real-time camera images. The compass moves fluidly as you rotate and tilt the iPhone. This allows you to easily determine the bearing to any object in view. Either the visual compass rose or the digital read-out of the compass can be used to determine heading.

Huckleberry offers visual navigation cues to help maintain a constant heading while traveling. Simply tell Huckleberry which direction you would like to travel and it will provide visual guides to help keep you on course.

Requires iPhone 3GS and OS3.1.

For better accuracy with the iPhone compass, please stay away from other magnetic fields or objects that will distort the earths magnetic field.

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